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Outdoor Protection For Your Laptop: The Lapdome

The Lapdome: Geekish or Freakish?

As attached as I am to my laptop, when I imagine myself lying in the sun poolside, I can't seem to envision myself glued to it. Nonetheless, the good folks at LapDome made sure that those of you who suffer with GSA (Gadget Separation Anxiety) are good to go, even when you're on vacay. Spotted at MacWorld, the LapDome acts as the ultimate bodyguard for your laptop:

This laptop computer carry case transforms into a sheltered, darkened work environment. It offers privacy, security, and protection from the elements, but most of all, computer screen visibility outdoors in the daytime.

Maybe it's just me, but something tells me that the laptop would be forgotten as soon as I see the pool! Would you pick up the LapDome for your next outdoor adventure? But more importantly — is it geekish or totally freakish?

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Blanched Blanched 8 years
I love to get online while basking in the sun by my pool so would use it at home but there's too much to do and watch at the beach, I wouldn't take my laptop to the beach to begin with.
imcs imcs 9 years
I know lots of people laugh abou this gadget, but it truly is useful. I love the beach, but my husband is in school and often does his work on the weekends - he is so sweet to take me to the beach even when he has papers to write, but we end up spending $30 each time just for beach chair and umbrella rental. having this would definitely save us money, and he'd still be able to do with work while I tan. We're not always on the computer, not so that we need to have it with us outdoors, but in instances such as what I mentioned it definitely helps. of course, once he's done with school the dome is out! but that's just because there'll be no more "homework".
Creativa404 Creativa404 9 years
I like the concept, but I think this is too bulky.
macgirl macgirl 9 years
I think this would be good for Advertising types on location taking photos. They could easily proof their work right on the spot. For vacation? No.
rmallari rmallari 9 years
i love my laptop as much as the next girl but when i'm poolside, this laptop will not be anywhere near me.
dragonfly79 dragonfly79 9 years
It looks like a cat bed! There is no way I would use this.
teacup teacup 9 years
If I'm outside I should be rolling around in the grass and picking flowers, not be computing. Also a parasol should do the same job.
verily verily 9 years
If I brought my laptop out to the pool, I would get paranoid that someone would steal it when I went to take a dip!
ocpinay ocpinay 9 years
when i have to work while on vacation - i usually try to hide the fact, not display it for all the other people having fun to see...
glam-sugar glam-sugar 9 years
SkinnyMarie SkinnyMarie 9 years
Mandy, your avatar just made me think of something. This would be a really cute cat home. I always see the mini tents in REI and want one for my cat. Now I can have one!
SummerBaby SummerBaby 9 years
yuck :P
millarci millarci 9 years
That's a really good point SkinnyMaire.
pixelsugar pixelsugar 9 years
I can't believe that this is a serious product.
Lovely_1 Lovely_1 9 years
That's a little too weird for me!
MandyJoBo MandyJoBo 9 years
Wow, now that's a true geek accessory. I could see some pale, four-eyed geek in a movie sitting out at the beach with this thing. If you wanted to enjoy the fresh air instead of sitting at your desk indoors, but still had to work, it'd be great.
SkinnyMarie SkinnyMarie 9 years
If I wanted to look like a loser, then I would use one. Of all the ways they could design it they had to make it look like a pop up tent.
trishcmc trishcmc 9 years
That looks kinda creepy haha wouldnt buy it, wouldnt use it.
Megatron Megatron 9 years
My favorite part of that booth was the picture of the lady with the towel over her head to see her laptop screen. Yea, not a big fan of this one.
CooleMama CooleMama 9 years
I don't know whether or not I like this, but I'm sorry to say, I probably would use it! I'm horribly attached to my laptop, it's a weakness of mine (and wow, am I ever coveting a Macbook Air!). FYI, I probably wouldn't actually buy one of these, but if one was available, yeah, I'd use it. I suck.
Zoetrope Zoetrope 9 years
Great idea but if you're out by the pool or at the beach you should be enjoying the sun, not checking your e-mail! I agree with magicpenniez...I'd also be embarrassed to use it!
pinkdragonfly pinkdragonfly 9 years
Hmm. Great if you really NEED to use your laptop when you lay out by the pool... Laptop tan lines haha.
a-geek a-geek 9 years
I like it :)
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