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Would You Ever Spend $1,000 on a Cell Phone?

Holy high priced gadgets: A rumor sniffed out by Boy Genius Report finds that the much-anticipated Palm Pre may cost $200 and $300 with contracts when it debuts, and without a contract? $1,000.

A grand. One thou. That's right.

Now, when the iPhone debuted, its $600 price point wasn't far off from a thousand bucks, and there are plenty of gadgets (TVs, cameras) that justifiably tip that point.

But could you justify ever spending over a thousand dollars on your cell phone?


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LittleMzFit LittleMzFit 8 years
Read my lips: N-E-V-E-R! :raspberry:
MsChoo MsChoo 8 years
it'd better shoot lasers at people if im gonna pay $1000
BrittanyD07 BrittanyD07 8 years
I spent $850 on the Xperia for my hubby. He loves it to death but I would of went to a thousand if I had to. It was a special gift for him.
karen-zoo karen-zoo 8 years
No! Cos you know in like a year or so there'll be a new and probably better phone that you will want to buy! So it's just not worth it
green-socks green-socks 8 years
My last phone was an update with my family (all of our contracts were up around the same time) and we got 3 phones for $5. *That's* the kind of money I'm willing to spend on a phone!
ilanac13 ilanac13 8 years
heck no. i'm all for spending money for the latest and greatest when it comes to gadgets, but i think that i have to draw the line there. that's just a bit excessive.
juliettemaxwell juliettemaxwell 8 years
Nooo, even if ti's my dream cell phone I wouldn't pay that much for it. I'd rather go traveling somewhere or pay my rent.
Peachandcreamy Peachandcreamy 8 years
A resounding NO! That's too much for a mobile phone.
forbiddenlove90 forbiddenlove90 8 years
Absolutely not. It's a cell phone, not an HD TV. I'd much rather spend that kind of money on something that's worth the amount, thanks.
tdcastan tdcastan 8 years
YEAH, NO. Ha, I enjoy my $. I like to spread it around, not just one thing, like a cell phone.... that I'd be likely to drop the day after... and then... well, shooooooooot.
starangel82 starangel82 8 years
Not only no, but hell no. I can think of a thousand other ways to spend $1,000.
Symphonee Symphonee 8 years
Why spend that much, when in about a year or two, I can buy it cheaper.
Faylinn Faylinn 8 years
Prices in technology usually drop pretty quickly. If I really wanted that phone, I'd just wait it out for the time being. But really, I only need my phone to make calls and to text people. I'm a minimalist when it comes to phones.
macgirl macgirl 8 years
It would REALLY depend. I spent $650 for an unlocked Treo 650 and then $600 for the iPhone when it first came out. $1,000 is really getting up there though. I think I would rather switch carriers than pay that much extra. Most of the time you can buy out of your contract for like $200 and if the phone is $300 with a plan then you are still saving like $500. Yeah, I'd go that route if I really had to have a phone.
Pistil Pistil 8 years
Even if I had $1000 to spend, I'd save it for something else. I just don't need a super fancy high tech expensive cell phone.
margokhal margokhal 8 years
I'd have to buy an insurance plan...because by it being THAT expensive, it's going to be a great target for thieves and such. I wouldn't want to put that kind of pressure on myself. I also don't know who has $1,000 to spend in general [that could pay for RENT or some MORTGAGES!], much less just on a CELL PHONE.
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