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Palm Pre Rumored to Be Released April 30 for $299

Palm Pre Release Date Rumored: Will You Switch?

I've been excited for the launch of the Palm Pre since its announcement at this year's CES, and it looks like we may have a release date: The Boy Genius Report has heard a rumor that the Pre might be available as early as April 30. Also heard on the grapevine? It might be $299 with a two year contract with Sprint.

The highly anticipated new smartphone, to remind you, will have an amazing OS and a the new wireless charger, the Touchstone.

While I remain a devote iPhone user, I'm not a stranger to using more than one cell phone at a time, and am more than tempted by the Pre. It's also the first worthy smartphone contender that Palm has produced in years, so I'm eager to try it out.

What about you — would you switch from your current phone to the Pre?


PrepaidGuy PrepaidGuy 8 years
Why not Sprint? You want to be able to roam internationally on GSM perhaps?
PrepaidGuy PrepaidGuy 8 years
Fair comment. I think the upload speed on RevA is sufficient for video, though, admittedly, I haven't tested it other than to say that using a broadband card has seen some very acceptable speeds....but who knows.... (
PrepaidGuy PrepaidGuy 8 years
That's a good point. My understanding is that that capability should only require the correct application on the phone; the network shouldn't be a limitation. Consider that sprint offers streaming TV. That said, I have seen "features" demonstrated on shows like 24 that simply aren't real. For example, I think I recall them downloading real time schematics (or something of the like) and tracking real time GPS awhile back on a Treo. The former is unlikely, and the latter is not possible. Anyway, maybe the new instinct can in fact do live video conference calling, but you're right, it's not as obviously available as I had stated....thanks!
PrepaidGuy PrepaidGuy 8 years
Yes, you can do video on 3G. Sprint said first half of the year. I've never heard anything different; those other dates you noted are probably just others speculating ;-0.
PrepaidGuy PrepaidGuy 8 years
That's pretty amazing...I hope the Pre will be able to allow wifi access to the phone in order to access the 3G connection! Very cool!
PrepaidGuy PrepaidGuy 8 years
I believe the sprint website says that it's EVDO RevA, which means that it can do simultaneous voice and's not WiMax (i.e. 4G)...sorry....
PrepaidGuy PrepaidGuy 8 years
Definitely looking forward to the launch. $299 is too much though to capture the mainstream. Hopefully Palm/Sprint won't make that mistake. The challenge they have is that non-Palm legacy users don't understand how much better this device will be than any other choice. Even the Treo, abeit not a sexy looking device, is much more functional than the iPhone, but people don't understand that b/c they've never used Palm before. If the price is too high and availability is limited, Palm will lose millions of pot'l customers. Hopefully everyone that wants one will be able to get one when it launches and be satisfied with the price.... You won't be able to use it on AT&T....even if "unlocked" this version will be CDMA; AT&T is'll need to wait....
melindawarren1 melindawarren1 8 years
I have been waiting FOREVER for Palm to update their stupid phones! I am sick of the centro/treo/whatever! Just release the thing because I am sick of waiting for it and want to switch to anything at this point! Palm SUCKS for taking so long! I don't even have the phone and I'm bored with it already!
Yv Yv 8 years
No, I'm waiting for Sony Ericsson Idou. I might even switch to it from my brilliant HTC Touch HD.
PiNkY-PiNk PiNkY-PiNk 8 years
yes! I can't wait for the pre! I don't think it will be $299 though. I mean, they want to compete with the iphone and for tons of people, first thing we look at is price. I love that sprint will have it first though.
greystonegirl16 greystonegirl16 8 years
I am so pumped it makes me giddy! But I will most likely buy it straight from Palm (unlocked) so that I can use it with AT&T . . .
theonlyjess theonlyjess 8 years
I'm waiting to sell my iphone and blackberry curve 8320 so I can upgrade to the blackberry curve 8900 :)
Cmdr56k Cmdr56k 8 years
I can't wait for the Palm Pre to release! I have even gone so far as to extend my contract with sprint early because of its release! Call me crazy, but I think the Pre is going to be an absolute hit and a major contender for Apple and RIM. I also believe that if this synergy idea is amazing, and has the potential to revolutionize how mobile devices organize our lives.
le-romantique le-romantique 8 years
seriously, i'm not into the smart phone craze... i despise touch screens because i'm boarderline OCD and wont touch it if my face touches, i'd have to clean it like 200 times a day.. and i hate QWERTYs... i have two laptops for that... i'll stick to my samsung normal people phone... my bill is already $100 a month because i have unlimited everything.
psychobabble psychobabble 8 years
I'm pretty old fashioned, I have a Palm Pilot and plain old cell phone. When my plan is up and I can get a new phone I will probably jump ship to the blackberry.
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