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Palm Releasing Pink Pixi Just In Time For Valentine's Day

The Pixi's Getting All Dressed Up For Valentine's Day

I walked into my local Walgreens yesterday and found an entire aisle dressed in pink, red, and overflowing with Valentine's Day candy. Now, beings as it was January 4, I was a little taken aback by how quickly the store changed from "Happy Holidays" to "I love you," but I shouldn't complain — I'm a total sucker for heart-shaped Cadbury Cream Eggs!

And although the Palm Pixi was just released this past November after making its debut at Fashion Week, Palm wants us ladies to fall in love with its tiny smartphone all over again: the company is preparing to launch a pink line of Pixis just in time for Valentine's Day. A leaked Sprint inventory screen shot reveals a pink hued Pixi in the mix, and the new handset will most likely be announced at CES on Thursday. So tell me — are you excited for a pink Pixi?

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nikkecole nikkecole 7 years
Meh. I am so tired of gadget's being released in pink to make them "girly". Give me plain old white or silver over pink any day. Why not some funner colors anyway? Pink is so overdone! I'll just stick to my "manly" white iphone 3Gs, thanks :)
BuffBabe6108 BuffBabe6108 7 years
I am not excited whatsoever. I traded my old Blackberry in for the Pre when it was released, and grew to hate that phone. I had it about 6 months before I traded it back for the new Blackberry Tour. The Blackberry (and Pre) is my work cell phone and the Pre just could not handle my 2 email accounts. It would get bogged down to the point where long email threads (say 5 emails in a row - with only text, and at most a paragraph in each) would be too much for it to handle and it would not be able to show the latest email or any of the other emails. I do not recommend this phone to my closest enemies.
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