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Panasonic Fukitorimushi is Robotic Vacuum and Roomba Competitor

Move Over Roomba: Here Comes a New Robotic Vacuum

I can't think of much not to love about the Roomba, but there's always room for competition in a market with one really great product.

So, welcome the Panasonic Fukitorimushi (Japanese for "wipe-up bug"), introduced recently at the Tokyo Fiber Senseware exhibition in Milan.

The Fukitorimushi (um, can we please just abbreviate it to "Fuki"? OK then) has a nanocloth underbelly, rather than a traditional sucking mechanism like a Roomba.

Its cloth-covered body kind of looks like you dropped a towel on the floor and forgot to pick it up, but I could learn to live with anything that cleans my apartment for me.

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djkatscan djkatscan 8 years
it does look like a pillow. I think it's cute.
lil-TECH-Girl lil-TECH-Girl 8 years
it looks like a sliding pillow!
FatBlood FatBlood 8 years
I would say its a great step in product / robot design for practical use, its a fun concept. but even as and idea the video leaves alot to question; how long does it take to clean a room? it seems really slow no matter how cute it may look does - it actually work? how often do you have to clean its high tech fiber? is it dishwasher / washing machine safe? (only cuz my Roomba gets filthy)? charging issues? how delicate is it? I'm interested in further design development but it seems a bit to high concept. I need help to keep my place clean now! I kinda love my Roomba but seriously whats next?
dexaholic dexaholic 8 years
So this more like a sweeper version, rather than a vacuum? It looks too tall to fit under things like the Roomba, but I'm all for anything to make cleaning less hands-on!
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