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Parents Becoming Paranoid About Their Kids Exposure to Certain Video Games

To all the parents out there (I'll definitely have to pass this onto Lil), what would bother you more? Having your kids watch pornographic videos, drink alcohol or play certain types of video games? I know, quite the combo of selections, but you'd probably choose pornography and alcohol over video games, right? Well nearly 3,000 respondents in a recent study from a parental advisory website showed that parents thought drinking beer and watching pornographic material as more acceptable activities for children than playing certain video games.

Although this doesn't make much sense to me, games like Grand Theft Auto have received quite the bad rep for their extreme violence, but still . . . Sex and booze over video games? Come on people!

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Performita Performita 8 years
Doesn't GTA have prostitutes that the character can pick up and sounds that they make while the car is swinging?
mayara mayara 8 years
Some games, such as Grand Theft Auto, do seem worse than a bit of booze or some types of porn. We (Americans) are, overall, a bit too puritanical about sex; I don't see what the problem with letting kids see examples of healthy sexual relationships is, and think it's disgusting that some people have a problem with kids seeing nudity but not with them seeing realistic-ish acts of violence with little to no consequences. That said, it's not that I won't let my kids play video games that include violence, nor that I won't let them watch movies with violence in them. Rather, it's that I'll try to make sure they have a good understanding of what is wrong with the violence before they encounter it, so that they do not get the wrong lesson from it, much like my mom making sure I thoroughly understood that the kinds of violence in the A-Team would mean dead people in real life, and that in real life they don't get back up after that.
Pallas-Athena Pallas-Athena 8 years
I would have a problem with my kids doing any or all three of those things. While I was exposed to many things when I was little - smoking, booze, fighting, and porn - I turned out okay and thought all of it was normal. Then I was taught it wasn't and learned that none of it was okay. I still played with normal things and stuff, but I also used to say, "I'll see you in Hell!" If other people want their children to be constantly exposed to this and have their children most likely turn out to be sickos then that is fine with me as long as I never have to deal with those sickos. My cousin doesn't like magic or violence, but lets her children watch Dora and play war games and watch Power Rangers. Kids don't think any of those things are bad (booze, violence, porn, etc.) unless they are taught it is bad. I like to play violent video games and like killing my Sims, but when I read the newspaper about someone getting hit by a car or getting stabbed to death I definitely let out an "Aww! That is so horrible. I hope they find that person who did that!" I turned out pretty good when my parents started to realize what they were doing was wrong. When I say something about the violent war games or something I hear, "Oh it's okay. We've seen/heard this before" and that isn't okay. I just hope that parents learn that all of these things only change their children into violent children.
ilanac13 ilanac13 8 years
i think that the difference between alcohol & porn vs. games is that with the games, kids don't think that there's such a bad relationship there. since everyone has access to games - kids don't realize that it's such a major thing that there's violence and the sort. when i have kids - i think that i'm going to have to watch out for what my kids want to play because i'm always worried about them not being able to see what's real and what shouldn't be even thought about as real.
CrazySexyCool CrazySexyCool 8 years
I am with you macgirl. Lets just see to it as responsible parents that our kids do kid stuff. They are going to loose their innocents soon enough naturally. As for porn, booze, and violence in any form. I love that we live in a free society. I love that the government isn't controlling everything we see and hear. I love that I have the choice to indulge or abstain. I am all for keeping it that way. I do think however we should try harder to keep these things away from those who choose to abstain. For example, I am a non-smoker. I have no problem in the world with people smoking, AS long as I don't have to breath the second hand smoke, and deal with the yellow stained walls, and clean up the cigarette butts and ashes. But if I have to empty the ash trays, and scrub the walls, and breath the nasty stale air or second hand smoke, I have a problem!!!!!
gaelgirl gaelgirl 8 years
well, i'm a gamer & while i don't think any of the choices are great, i kind of have to agree. i mean, porn is horrible & objectifies people. drinking can get dangerous. HOWEVER, continued exposure to graphic violence not only objectifies, but DEHUMANIZES & teaches the brain to react quickly & violently. YES, some of the games are fun & sometimes even kind of funny, but is it worth it? aren't there some things that should just never be considered entertaining, adult or child? i think so! i grew up playing games & so did my brother. i went the route of strategy & more cartoon based stuff like chess or mario. my brother went the route of violent & fast like silent hill or grand theft auto. i've noticed something about him. while he is not violent in real life, violent images of REAL PEOPLE no longer phase him. to me, this is disturbing enough. even if he never hurt anyone, to not be shocked & sickened by the images in real life or horror movies is unnatural. & let's think about this another way. when a government trains a soldier, they use similar methods. they dehumanize an enemy by calling them some slang term & then they expose you to it over & over. if this method can turn someone w/ a motive (a soldier fighting for country) into someone capable of killing, why can't it turn another w/ a motive (kid bullied at school, guy angry at wife, person in traffic, person w/ underlying mental issues) into someone capable of killing? it's not far fetched. the games might not be the means for violence, but it does make violence an easier thought to process.
macgirl macgirl 8 years
How about people allow their children to do age appropriate activities... Porn at 18, booze at 21 and games at the ages recommended by their rating. Put your 9 year old in sports or put them on a bike or something.
kcwebgirl kcwebgirl 8 years
this image is hilarious. reminds me of my nephew when he's trying to play on the computer.
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