First there was uber geek Jeremy Mehrle, who has a total of 74 Macs in his house, then there was Partysugar, the trendiest party girl I know, who recently admitted that when she's not making amazing Superbowl party invitations or tasting the best Cuvée de Réserve and Blanc de Blancs a girl can find, she's a total mac geek!

"This is an image I shot of my computer room last night," admits Partysugar. "In my house there are twice as many computers as there are people...kind of crazy. We have four laptops (one is not pictured but the other three are!) and one older emac and two older imacs (in blue and green). We have and always will be Mac users. It's a little too messy for my liking and I've been begging my mom to redo the decor (it's wallpapered in sports images leftover from when my older brother inhabited it years ago before the computers took over). If this room isn't geeky I don't know what is..." Oh Partysugar, you've outed yourself and I for one love you even more now! Want to submit photos of your favorite gadgets? Just

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