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Passbook iOS 6

6 Reasons Passbook Will Be Your Most Used App in iOS 6

Calling all extreme couponers, Apple's new mobile wallet application, Passbook, was designed with you in mind. The app aims to keep all the paper and plastic goods usually found in a wallet — like coupons, tickets, and loyalty cards — readily available in one place on your mobile device.

Part of Apple's new mobile operating system, iOS 6, Passbook is slated for launch on Wednesday, Sept. 19, and since converting from anything to its digital counterpart can be a process (we all remember the initial resistance to ereaders), take a look at how Passbook is sure to make life more organized after the jump.

  • No more print-outs — Boarding passes, movie tickets, hotel reservations, gift cards, and coupons are just some of the items Passbook can keep on hand for you. Tap on an item in Passbook, and a scannable bar code will appear on your mobile screen to use in lieu of paper.
  • Geolocation — The app recognizes when you've entered a retail location and presents you with a coupon valid for that day or an applicable loyalty card/gift card/ticket. For example, when you arrive at an airport, Passbook will know to automatically pull up your boarding pass.
  • Calendar integration — Forget updating your calendar with the time of a movie you just bought tickets for — Passbook's taken care of that for you. If your movie starts at 7 p.m., then expect a reminder notification to appear at 6:30 p.m., just in case.
  • Live updates — Especially handy when it comes to flight cancellations or delays, instant Passbook updates also allow you to view the new balance on a gift card shortly after a purchase. Genius!
  • Brand partnerships — According to previews of Passbook on Apple's website, Starbucks, Amtrak, Apple Store (naturally), United Airlines, Major League Baseball, W hotels, Delta, Sheraton, Ticketmaster, and Sephora are just some of the companies who will be Passbook-compatible from day one.
  • Fun, functional visuals — From "shredding" deleted items to items organized by graphic, like a serrated edge for coupons or a half-circle indent for tickets, Passbook adds a dash of playful cute to an otherwise ordinary utility.
elizabethsosewn elizabethsosewn 5 years
so it's supposed to launch today, but .. mine just tries to send me to the app store.. anyone having better luck?
Clive3228504 Clive3228504 5 years
This will end up the same as Apples Ping. It relies too much on third parties/retailers, etc. It will also be like Siri i.e. it might work fine in the USA, but other countries? I'm already reading of limitations still existing with Siri for many countries outside the USA. They have how long?    I've been 100% Apple since 2007 - iPhones, iPads, Macbook Pro's, iMac. But iOS is still VERY USA orientated and it is beginning to annoy me.
Italia_Girl Italia_Girl 5 years
I love this idea but until wireless companies and sites like eBay start banning stolen iPhones from being resold, you might as well be walking down the street with your personal information tattooed to your forehead. 
Sasha-Rambles Sasha-Rambles 5 years
Yesssssss! I started trying to take pictures of cards, but it's kludgy and of course no security to speak of. Now I'm torn - upgrade to iOS 6, for passbook &FaceTime over 3G, or stick with 5 where, you know, the MAP APP ACTUALLY WORKS. *sigh*
Paul3223248 Paul3223248 5 years
I truly believe Passbook has massive appeal and application. And of course the more merchants that offer their customers digital Passes the more convenient it becomes. Having creating Passbook Passes since Apple first released their Beta, the real problem I believe that many retailers will face is that it's not that 'easy' to create and distribute Passes.  And that's why we (Anatta) set up    To be able to distribute and update Passbook Passes you need, at a very minimum, a server, a Pass certificate and a decent understanding of coding.  Clearly not something that every momma and poppa shop has, nor wants to invest in.   I am hopeful, through, and other Passbook server providers, that more companies join the paperless revolution. The benefits for the customer are obvious and the benefits for the business is also tremendous.    I shall keep you posted, and would be delighted to hear your thoughts.
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