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People Aren't Watching Commercials During Popular Shows

People Aren't Watching Commercials During Popular Shows

TV networks, don't hate me — but I barely ever watch commercials. This is probably because my DVR is always full, so whenever I do watch a show, I feel the need to quickly get through it as fast as possible so I can delete it and move on to the next one!

A majority of you said that you occasionally watch commercials even with a DVR, but did you know that nearly all shows that won Emmys this year are more likely to have their commercials skipped over? That's right, according to the New York Times, 30 Rock was the only exception among the group (which was blamed on NBC's creative ad placements).

Why does this happen? Well, Todd Juenger, TiVo's vice president for research and measurement, seems to think that people don't want to
sit through commercials of hit shows they are really wrapped up in. . . which totally makes sense.


Where do you stand on this? Do you fast-forward through commercials during shows that you are completely sucked into? And if you don't have a DVR — but hate commercials — here's how you can skip over ads using a standard remote.

Photo courtesy of NBC

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