I knew I was onto something when I asked geeksugar readers whether their BlackBerry or wallet was more important to them — all in lieu of the story about Naomi Campbell freaking out when she couldn't find her BlackBerry. Sixty-seven percent of you said your wallet is where it's at, even though a new study points in the opposite direction.

USA Today notes that in a recent study, 2,367 participants were asked what they would choose if they had to leave their house for 24 hours and could only take one item with them. The options of items included a wallet, keys, laptop or MP3 player, with one-third of workers selecting their mobile device. Keep in mind that the participants were defined as "hyperconnected workers," which means that they are someone who uses at least seven devices for work and personal access. I can't even imagine spending 24 hours without my phone, I'm getting anxious just thinking about it. I've got two words for you: Nicholas White!