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Percentage of Female Drivers

Does Lyft or Uber Put More Women at the Wheel? Get the Stats

Ever wonder why you always end up having heart-to-hearts with your male Uber driver at 2 a.m. on a Saturday night? Well, we can't explain why you're having intimate conversations with strangers, but this graph, made by Column Five Media, explains why it's a guy picking you up. Using data from a recent Fast Company piece, it breaks down the percentage of female drivers that rideshare companies employ. Although Uber reports just 14 percent of its drivers are women, we know that the company is working on driving (pun fully intended) that percentage upward with its recent recruiting initiative. Either way, we're all for having more lady drivers for those late night thearpy sessions. Check out the graph below for the breakdown:

Source: Column Five Media, Shutterstock

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