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Periodic Table of Elements Gear Worth Their Weight in Au

Apr 29 2013 - 3:12am

Have a love of the sciences that goes way beyond Chemistry Cat's latest puns [1]? Your mind's mastered the atomic weight of noble gases and have an affection for Helium (He He), so time to get your house and self decorated to the 118s with gear worthy of their place on the periodic table of elements. Read on for gear outfitted with the chemist's best friend: the periodic table of elements.

The bamboo Periodic Coasters [2] ($32) are a laser-cut ode to the nonmetals: hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus, oxygen, sulfur, and selenium.

Pick your caffeinated "element" of choice with the In Your Element Mug [3] ($12). We'll take C is for coffee, but perhaps T is more your cup of . . . tea?

Merge the sciences with the arts! The nine-by-12-inch hand-embroidered Periodic Table [4] ($180) is on stretched canvas, ready to be hung at home with pride.

For those that prefer metal to carbon atoms (looking at you, diamonds), the Periodic Jewelry by ITSNONAME [5] is your heavyweight. Precious metals come at a price, though: the silver ring is $360, the gold is $2,200, and the platinum is over $6,000.

The kitchen is where your greatest scientific experiments go down, so a Periodic Table of Elements Cutting Board [6] ($55) is a requirement. You can even create your own element, complete with an atomic symbol and mass number (perhaps an anniversary date) to customize the wooden board.

Since inspiration seems to often strike in the shower, perhaps a Periodic Table of Elements Shower Curtain [7] ($30) will help you solve a scientific experiment you've been working on . . . or just look really cool in your bathroom, too.

Your love of science just needs one more thing: accessories. This brass Periodic Table of Elements Cuff [8] ($40) will patina nicely over time. But you already knew that, chemist!

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