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Pets on Facebook and Twitter

Does Your Pet Have an Online Presence?

Ninety-two percent of US babies have an established online presence before age 2 thanks to the power of photo sharing and online social networking. And while they aren't actual human children, people are certainly compelled to share similar information about pets, who are often just as big a part of the family as children.

Over the weekend, Mark Zuckerberg adopted a puppy and created a fan page for the dog, Beast, an 8-week-old Puli. Beast is poised to become remarkably famous on Facebook given his parents, but there are plenty of other pets on Facebook and other social networks — Boo, for example.

The dog I live with has a hilarious Twitter account that we update when she's done something particularly interesting or funny, but it's meant purely for humor's sake. Do you have pets with an online presence? Are they friends with other pets? Is that weird?

Bunjie Bunjie 6 years
Marketing ploy to make him warmer and distance himself from his stone cold 'I don't care about your privacy' business persona. Eventually people will wake up about his on going development of Facebook into an Internet oligarchy, a % have woken up and are starting to turn against him for this war on privacy vs profits e.t.c. So it comes down too, how can you hate on someone with a puppy?
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