Being the photography nerd that I am, I instantly fell in love with this unique lamp. It's not just any ordinary lamp, it's a light table for photo slides! How cool (and totally geeky) is that?! From Suck UK, this Slide Lamp holds up to 36 slides that you can take yourself (just by loading slide film into your camera instead of a roll), or have your already photoshopped and prepped photos converted into slides from your local developer.

Coming in three sizes, this functional piece of art will cost you around $140 dollars for the smallest size, and over $200 for the largest, but it's a total conversation starter that's essential for the entertaining geek's home. Wall mountable and totally sleek, these babies look hot next to each other, but realistically I think I'd have to splurge on just one. Cause really, you know I'd be buying the Slide Lamp to show off my photography talents, and not just for lighting purposes. What? Admit it — you would too!