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Have Your Pictures Ever Been Censored?

Photobucket has its tail between its legs today after pulling some pictures of babies in diapers, saying that they violated the terms of service — because they depicted nudity!

Member Good Mama Diapers had posted pictures of the offending babies in diapers as part of a contest and then noticed they were all gone. A reporter at CNET News emailed Photobucket to ask what the deal was, and about two hours later, Photobucket admitted to their error and upgraded Good Mama Diapers to a pro account.

I guess Photobucket doesn't know nudity when it sees it! I don't think I've had any photos pulled from MySpace, Picasa, or any other photo sites I've used, but I'm positive they pull things all the time just to be cautious. Has this ever happened to you? It might if some of you posted your Number 1s!


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