Looking good in front of the camera is an ongoing battle for most of us, but being behind the camera can be just as nerve wracking. If you don't follow someone around with a camera everyday — like cough cough Spencer Pratt — you might want to brush up on a few tips that will make your photo subjects look better and make you a more confident photographer.

  • Think about lighting and angles — If your subject is on the larger side do not take his or her picture from a low angle. This will only make them look bigger. Try to elevate your position and have your subject point their chin up toward you.
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  • Twist and shout! - Have your subject twist sideways with their feet (if standing), or twist their legs (if sitting).
  • Take night photos - Experiment with your camera's ISO, Exposure and Aperture settings to take great night photos without your tripod.
  • Think about your setting - Birthdays, parties and events are prime photo opportunities because they offer the chance to take great action and group shots. Don't forget the money shots - like the birthday boy or girl blowing out candles or opening presents.
  • Don't be afraid to be creative - Photos of people spinning, running, jumping and dancing are always more exciting than the usual still photos. Getting good movement shots is usually easier than you think - it's just about timing.

Of course, once you've taken your pics, don't forget to make the best of your collection by sharing them with friends!

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