Would You Adopt an In-Car Robot?

If you're like me and fall in love with hot and geeky cars that are beyond your budget, this little robotic passenger may be just what you need. Called AIDA, this in-car robot is like your constant co-pilot, telling you real-time weather and driving conditions, suggesting alternatives from your well-driven routes if there's a problem, alerts you to tourist attractions, and helps you conserve gas by notifying you when you're cruising at optimal fuel efficiency.

All of these features are possible because AIDA analyzes and then recognizes your driving behavior, routes, and habits, then uses them to your advantage. There's no price or release date for when (or if) the AIDA will hit the market, but if you could pick one up now, would you adopt this helpful little robot? I kinda like his cute face, but maybe that's just me.

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