Is the Lexus HS Hybrid the Geekiest Car on the Road? Maybe!

I'm not a total gearhead, but I know a good car when I see one. I am especially intrigued by hybrid and fuel efficient cars, well, because I'm kinda cheap and like to save money. Although I personally don't have a car, I could see myself splurging on a Lexus HS Hybrid for more than one reason.

First, the HS has a ton (and I do mean a ton) of smart and high tech features, like voice command and touch control technology, a heads up display to help you keep your eyes on the road, rear cameras to give you a full view of what's behind when you shift to reverse, lane assist for when you're in cruise control, and a pre-collision radar to prepare you and the vehicle for impact. But that's not all folks, check out what else the HS is riding with when you


The 34mpg HS comes stocked with a voice-activated nav and gps system, a premium audio set up, and connects seamlessly with your iPod and MP3 players via Bluetooth and USB. Phew! I'm tired just thinking about the I.Q. of this ride. But the price? It's a little on the high side at $34,200, but given the fact that the HS comes stocked with top-of-the-line features makes me go a little easier on the price tag.