Remember when you used to wait for the dentist as a kid and ate up as much Highlights as humanly possible before your appointment? You were all, I do understand where Goofus went wrong and Gallant was right. And then you got to the two pictures and had to find what was wrong with the second picture? Photoshop Disasters is kind of like that. Except it's just one picture, and you get to scan the pics and figure out were the photoshopper went wrong.

Sometimes it's putting a three-handed woman on a book cover, sometimes there are no finger on the trigger on a movie poster, and my personal fave, photoshops so hilariously bad that you resent the graphic designer for thinking you're so dumb you wouldn't have caught it.

Photoshop Disasters won't search the web for your first attempts at the cloning tool (been there), they seek out commercial stuff in the mainstream, where someone was actually hired to make Heidi Klum look like an alien.