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Picture Perfect Tech: Headphones in 'Music and Lyrics'

Mar 9 2007 - 11:00am

No, I didn't just pick this one because Hugh Grant is deliciously British and charming. In Music and Lyrics Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore play a washed up singer (Grant) who is given a few days to compose a chart topping hit, and a younger woman who plays his muse (Barrymore). Front and center in most of the musical scenes in the movie are the ever-classy Ultrasone PROline 550 S-Logic Headphones [1].

Word is the PROline 550 has a 50mm heavy duty driver which produces a tight and powerful bass, so they are great if you're listening to a lot of drum-based music (no offense, but does anyone think Hugh Grant could sing along to drum-based music? He may be charming, but I'm not buying that!) Also, because of the headphone's closed construction design, external noise is minimized, which makes them ideal for the studio. For a gallery of delightful images from the movie and more about the headphones,

The Ultrasone Proline 550 Stereo Headphones [2] are on sale for $239.

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