Ashton Gets Streamy at The Joneses Red Carpet Premiere

Ashton Kutcher accompanied Demi Moore last night for the red carpet premiere of The Joneses, and while they made their way into the theater, he started a live broadcast on Ustream to bring his fans along for the ride

Ashton is no stranger to Ustream, and I like the app because it allows you to create your own live broadcast on the fly — like I did during my Black Eyed Peas backstage tour. If you have an iPhone and want to create your own broadcasts on the go, you can download the Ustream Live Broadcaster app for free on iTunes and get to it! Another cool feature — you can set up your Ustream account to tweet whenever you go live so your followers can get in on the action and see their @reply tweets to you right on the recorder screen.

Image Source: Getty
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