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Pilot Handwriting From Your Computer

Pilot Handwriting Lets You Type in Your Own Font

So you've decided to send a handwritten note to a friend. That's great! But instead of trekking it down to the stationary store and picking out some paper and a nice pen, why not just type the letter from your computer with your own handwriting? Sounds like a lot of work? Eh, not really.

Pilot Handwriting allows you to upload your own handwriting samples to its website, then fire off "handwritten" notes to your pals via email. All you have to do is print the Pilot writing template, fill in the boxes with each letter of the alphabet, take a picture of it with your webcam, and you're off. You can even edit your handwritten letter samples to clean them up if you're out of practice with a pen and paper (guilty as charged). It may seem like a lot of work when you can just pick up a pen, but think of how much cash you'll save on stamps!

Check out a demo video of Pilot Handwriting (it's actually pretty cool) after the break.

TammyO TammyO 7 years
I would use this only if I had super neat, super cool handwritting. When I write something out and then go back later to read it I always want to know who has let a chicken run across my journal with ink on it's feet, until I realize it's my own writing. I type on a computer SO I can read it later. I'll just stick with the computer font.
pandacn pandacn 7 years
It works! You have to download the tutorial and print it exactly like how it tells you to. Because when you take the webcam capture, the boxes have to match up exactly for them to analyze your handwriting. It is SO cool, but kind of creepy too, and I realized how ugly my handwriting is as a font! I also wish you can download the font and send messages in your own email. They always put your messages in that form template with a Pilot pen. I understand this is an advertisement, but I would actually pay to download my handwriting as a font. It's super neat!
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