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Pixar's Up at Wondercon in San Francisco

Wondercon 2009: Pixar's Up!

I look forward to Wondercon all year, mostly because it's in my hometown so I don't have to worry about flying, hotels, and cabs, but also because I get to check out tons of upcoming movies. Day two of Wondercon was packed (and I mean packed) with geeky and celebrity goodness. There's a lot to cover, but first up, is Up! We got a sneak peek at Pixar's newest film at the Up panel, plus I got to chat with director Pete Doctor and producer Jonas Rivera about the movie, and check out an exclusive screening of the first 45 minutes of the film.

Up (which is coming out in 3D this May) is about a 78 year-old man who attaches a ton of helium-filled balloons to his house in order to float his way to South America. Up also stars an eight-year-old "Wilderness Explorer," a few hilarious dogs, and a really big bird. But by far the star of the film is the animation! To hear what the guys had to say about working in 3D versus 2D, and hear about some hidden tidbits you'll find in the film, just


Jonas Rivera on developing a 3D movie: There's really no difference in how we animate a 3D movie than when we animate a 2D movie. From day one, our software allows us to animate in 3D, it's just that we're now projecting in 3D.

Pete Doctor on finding "Easter Eggs" in each of the Pixar films: There are objects that you'll find in each of our films, like the Pizza Planet truck has been in just about all of the movies, other things like the yellow ball with the star — you just gotta keep your eyes open and you'll start to recognize them.

On how they come up with movie ideas:
PD: To be honest, every one of them was totally different. Like for Monsters Inc. I literally thought of the concept in the shower, although it totally changed from there. And Up was almost like an intellectual exercise at some point, kind of constructing what made the old man who he is, making it an intriguing idea. They are all different, and I think that's the key to the success of the films is that there are no rules.
JR: The only commonality is that Pixar supports — there's a development department that, you know, when the director's done, you have an environment that supports and nurtures the development of an idea.

Check out the trailer here, and then tell me: are you excited to see Pixar's latest creation?

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