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The Push For Pizza App Is a Blessing For Lazy, Hungry People Everywhere

Aug 8 2014 - 2:33pm

What's an editor to do when "hanger" (hunger + anger) strikes? Order pizza. Duh. We had heard whispers of a push-button pizza delivery app called Push For Pizza [1] (free, iOS) and decided that it was time to try it, for research, obviously.

This is what happened: we tapped in some information, pushed a button, then 40 minutes later, a pizza arrived on the ground floor of POPSUGAR HQ in San Francisco. It worked like magic.

Push For Pizza is actually the brainchild of three 19-year-olds from Brooklyn who set out to save the lazy, hungry smartphone-toting people of the world one pizza at a time. They call it "Uber for pizza." We just hope that the app doesn't adopt surge pricing any time soon.

We'd like to confirm that Push For Pizza is as quick and easy as advertised, though the lack of pizza variety (there's only cheese for now) is a tragedy. Since the app basically just routes your order through ordr.in [2] and Delivery.com [3], there are a lot of pizzerias to choose from. For the truly lazy, the app will choose one for you at random. Our only criticism is that neither the app nor ordr.in manages to send you an estimated time of delivery, leaving you and your hungry co-workers to sit and speculate the pie's arrival.

In what follows, the true story of what happened when we did, indeed, push the Push For Pizza button.

Source: Push For Pizza [4]; Front Page Image Source: Lisette Mejia

We read the instructions.

OK. Easy enough.

Photo: Nicole Nguyen

We pushed the button.

A spiral loading icon appeared. Our hearts started racing.

Photo: Nicole Nguyen

The only option . . . cheese.

You don't get picky when hunger strikes.

Photo: Nicole Nguyen

With tax and tip, the pie cost us $17.08.

Give us the pizza already!!

Photo: Nicole Nguyen

Forty minutes later, Guilherme arrived with the pizza.

HOORAY! Thanks, Guilherme of Pranzo Pizza [5].

Photo: Lisette Mejia

The pie in all its glory.

It was, in fact, a large cheese pizza.

Photo: Lisette Mejia

We were both skeptical and amused.

It was greasy and edible. Both elements satisfied our hungry bellies.

Photo: Lisette Mejia

Oliver the pug, however, was EXTREMELY HAPPY.


Photo: Lisette Mejia

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