Although the Kindle is the go-to portable reading device for celebrities and non-celebs alike, we may have a serious competitor in the e-reader circle in the near future. California-based Plastic Logic is introducing its own reader next year (something the Woz is really excited about — he Twittered about it earlier), and it's coming packed with some specs that may make the Kindle shiver in its boots.

What kind of specs? I thought you'd never ask. Reviewed at this year's All Things D conference (taking place right now in Southern California), the Plastic Logic device will come sans keyboard (which means all touchscreen, all the time), making it a little reminiscent of the iPhone as you swipe to turn the page.

The new device is good for business and pleasure — you can use Powerpoint, Excel, Word, and read PDFs, and there will soon be an online store to buy books, magazines, and newspapers. There are even rumors that the PL device will come with 3G compatibility. Sure, it looks bigger than the Kindle 2, but would you consider picking up a Plastic Logic reader?