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PlayStation 4 Vs. Xbox One: Which Is the Better Console?

Happy PlayStation 4 Launch Day! Sony's new console ($400) arrives today, Nov. 15, in the US and Canada, and Nov. 29 in Europe and Latin America. You may have caught Jimmy Fallon and Ice T showing off the PS4's amazing new controller capabilities but, like most gamers on the fence, are wondering: what else can the PS4 offer me?

When the PlayStation 4 was introduced in February, all we saw of Sony's latest console was a new controller, the Dual Shock 4, and a short preview of new games. The E3 conference this Summer finally revealed the socially focused platform's hardware and price, leaving many Xbox fans One-dering whether or not Microsoft's new all-in-one entertainment console is worth the big ticket price.

For those still deciding which system to buy this holiday season, we've pitted the newest iterations of the two most popular consoles for hardcore gamers — the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One — against each other in terms of price and specs.


The slightly updated PlayStation 4 hardware revealed at E3 isn't anything special. At the keynote, Sony looked away from the design, and instead stressed what the console had to offer that the Xbox One was clearly lacking. The ability to freely play used games and not having to log in every 24 hours are gamer-friendly features that give the PS4 a major edge over the super strict Xbox One.

Both consoles are big black boxes with new controllers optimized for ergonomics and sharing gameplay video with peers. Both Microsoft and Sony provide paid subscriptions for online gaming: Xbox LIVE Gold ($60/year) and PlayStation Plus ($50/year). It all boils down to what you will choose to buy this Fall.

Xbox hasn't released their full specifications for the One yet, but we've broken down the technical details and pricing information we do have. Which console prevails? See a side-by-side comparison after the break.

Price Hardware Memory Other
PlayStation 4 $400 CPU: 8-core x86-64 APU; 1.84 TFLOPS graphics processor 8GB GDDR5 PS Vita or PlayStation iOS and Android app for second screen play; can play used titles freely
Xbox One $500 CPU: 8-Core x86 CPU, 500GB HDD 8GB Smartglass app works with most mobile devices; no backwards compatibility

The PS4 beats the Xbox One on price, but keep in mind that the Xbox comes with a Kinect included and the PlayStation Camera is sold separately for $59 (even with the accessory, the value still goes to Sony). The hardware specs are nearly identical, which means that the main difference lies in second screen and gaming options, and digital rights management requirements.

In terms of second screen play, the PlayStation 4 can connect with the handheld PS Vita device, which Sony hailed as the "perfect gaming companion" at the keynote (and costs an extra $300), or the official PlayStation app for iOS and Android devices (the current PS app hasn't been updated since 2012). The Xbox Smartglass app is compatible with Windows, Android, and iOS platforms.

While both have secured deals with a wide variety of entertainment apps, the Xbox One offers several more options, including the highly-coveted HBO Go.

The games developed with the PS4 in mind include Killzone Shadow Fall, inFamous Second Son, Call of Duty Ghosts, The Order: 1886 and Destiny (preview them all). Xbox, on the other hand, has reigns over its blockbuster franchise Halo, with a new version coming out just for the One, plus titles like Ryse: Son of Rome, Forza Motorsport 5, Dead Rising 3, and Project Spark, all of which were unveiled at E3.

So, what's your verdict? Are you more interested in the socially focused PlayStation 4 or the all-in-one entertainment system Xbox One?

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Kelvin14789053 Kelvin14789053 4 years
so what restrictions are you talking about on the x1? also as far as price gos if you compare like for like now ms are including a AAA game I think you find the ps4 is more expensive! your right though its x1 that has the cod dlc first on the x1
Nicole-Nguyen Nicole-Nguyen 4 years
@Matt14600437 — Thank you, the article has been updated to reflect the PS4's second screen compatibility with iOS and Android devices.
Matt14600437 Matt14600437 4 years
This article is incorrect. First, PS4 does allow for second screens other than PS Vita. At E3 they used an Ipad multiple times while demoing games. It can be used on any device that has a PlayStation App installed much like Xbox One. Secondly, Call of Duty Ghosts is not an exclusive to PS4 as the article suggests. PS4 will win the console war because it focused on gamers and developers. It is also priced lower and does not have many restrictions as does the Xbox One.
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