Although I've had this copy of Pokémon Platinum in my hands for some time now (it was released on March 22), I've finally had some time to sit down and actually play it. And you know what? It's as fun as you thought it would be. For hard-core Pokémon fans, the past two years have been painful, waiting for the series to be completed (it's a follow-up to the first two games in the set —Pokémon Pearl and Pokémon Diamond), and now it's finally here.

In the traditional role-playing game style (which is Pokémon's bread and butter), you use your creatures (or Pokémon) to fight your enemies. Although it sounds simple, and you may think the game is made for kids, it's consistently one of the top selling games in Japan — and it's played by all ages.

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The good news is, if you haven't played any of the other Pokémon games before, you won't really need to. It's a simple story line — you use your creatures to fight, level by level — and one that will keep you entertained. Plus, the controls and battle sequences are pretty much the same in all versions, so if you do play this game, you can always go back and check out an earlier version without getting confused.

It's the tradition of Pokémon to come out in threes (i.e., Pokémon Emerald Ruby and Sapphire), where one game doesn't change much from the other, but Pokémon Platinum has a lot more going for it than Diamond and Pearl did previously. You have a lot more online multiplayer options, an online amusement park where you can meet up, as well as a town square where you can collect dozens of creatures and level them up to use during battles. Plus, there's a totally new world at the tail end of the game that's brand new to the series which newbies and Pokémon fans will enjoy.

Overall, Pokémon Platinum is a fun game that's worth picking up if you're a fan for its added features. I know the idea of Pokémon can be a little intimidating if you've never played before, but it's easy to pick up and actually kinda hard to put down!