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ProcrasDonate Donates Money While You Procrastinate During National Procrastination Week 2010

Website of the Day: ProcrasDonate

Just in time for the tail end of National Procrastination Week comes a website that helps you do good while . . . not doing much of anything else. Well, nothing else productive, at least. ProcrasDonate is a site that combines online procrastinating with donating to a worthy cause.

To see how the site works, just


First, register with the site and download its free Firefox add-on software that monitors how you're spending your time online. Next, label your "procrastination" websites — whether they're noted time-sucks like Facebook and Twitter, gossip sites, or any other time-wasting site you visit when you should be doing something else. Every hour you spend on one of these sites equals a donation to the charity of your choice. Donation amounts vary; you can set your preferences on ProcrasDonate's settings page, and donations are handled by using your Amazon account. To disable ProcrasDonate, just uninstall the Firefox add-on.

Since procrastinating is now directly tied to your wallet, you may find yourself becoming more productive. But if not, at least the time you spend putting things off will be time well-spent helping a worthy cause.

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