Even though I can usually wait for a gadget's hype to die down, I had to stand in line for the iPhone 3G — I have a reputation to uphold!

Standing in line for a gadget teaches you something about yourself. Mainly that I hate everyone. Just kidding! I'm not some misanthrope, it just inevitably happens that the people I stand near in lines end up being people I can't wait to never see again. But most likely, pretty much anyone you stand within close proximity for seven hours is going to start wearing on your nerves.

If you stood in a line on Friday, then you'll surely see where I'm coming from. Check it out here, via my and my cohorts' experience: The Top 10 Profiles of Gadget Liners!

  1. The Space Invader (also known as the Encroacher): The people who can't quite accept that they're in line behind you and spend the multiple line hours stealthily trying to stand next to you, and eventually in front of you, stepping on your feet, until a withering look sends them back to their place.

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  1. The Media Whore: There for the rare fleeting publicity of a blog post or two (sorry, Dale).
  2. The Visitor: People not actually in line, but who are vicariously experiencing the line with you, either by participating as a "counter" (who just continually count people in line), asking "What is this line for?" or the "You're a sucker" drive-by.
  3. The "I'm Not in a Line" Line Guy: Completely oblivious that they're in a line, these people will forget where they are and how close to others they are; often evidenced by smoking, talking very loudly, and rarely moving up.
  4. The Early Adopter Who Is Continuing to Adopt and Needs You to Know About It: Exhibits compulsive 1st generation iPhone-whipping-out, so that everyone knows that he already has an iPhone, he knows what's up, and he is continuing to be this awesome.
  5. The Know It All: Knows everything about the old iPhone and the new iPhone, despite a) not having owned one yet and b) being incorrect; repeatedly utters how glad he is that he did not get suckered into buying one last year.
  6. The "IPHONE! WOOO!" Guy: Self-explanatory.
  7. The Alternator: Like relay racers, the couple in front of you keeps switching from one person to the other, as one leaves and gets coffee, and then the other leaves and gets sandwiches; one leaves to get waters, then the other leaves to use the bathroom. And so on.
  8. The Debater: Might take off at any minute. Can be seen muttering under their breath things like "not worth it" and calculating the time lost standing in said line. Generally always sticks it out (but they are not happy about it).
  9. The Polite One: Very rare.