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Pros and Cons of Apple's New MacBook Pro 2012

4 Reasons to Pass on the Retina MacBook Pro

Whenever a new Apple product is announced, you can bet we're eager to get the latest and greatest the tech innovator has to offer. But is the new Retina Display MacBook Pro worth shelling out over $2,000 when your current laptop works just fine (or well enough)? We looked at the reasoning for purchasing the notebook, but let's look at the reasoning for passing on Apple's "most beautiful computer ever." Keep reading for four reasons to skip the Retina MacBook Pro.

  • You're just fine with 1280 resolution, thank you very much. Not buying the hype over the Retina display? It sure does look pretty, but the 1280x800 and 1440x900 resolution of the non-Retina MacBook Pros will still have you watching TV shows in astounding clarity and editing photos worthy of their place on the wall of your home's art gallery.
  • You live outside the cloud. Seems like Apple didn't mention anything about optical drive writing speeds and rewritable DVD capabilities, that's because this notebook bids adieu to the standard optical drive. Following suit with the MacBook Air specs, the top-of-the-line Pro is all about the Flash storage and cloud. If you still love watching DVDs at home or sharing files via disc, then the Pro is not for you, as Apple continues the push toward app-based entertainment.
  • You updated your computer within the last two years. It's hard to know when is the right time to make a big tech update like a computer purchase. However, if you bought any recent generation MacBook Pro, then you'll be just fine biding your time and saving some dough. After all, the software updates of OS X Mountain Lion will be available in July for a scant $20.
  • You're on a budget. An Apple computer has always been a bigger purchase money-wise than its PC competitors, and the $2,199 and $2,799 pricing of the MacBook Pro isn't the most budget-friendly option. If HD and megamemory powers aren't high on your list of needs, then this is one unveil you can skip.

Still on the fence? Check out our reasons to purchase the Retina MacBook Pro.

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Mitch2809333 Mitch2809333 5 years
Dear Kelly: I'm no friend of Apple, likely never to buy a product from the Church. However, every time i read such reviews i cringe: " It sure does look pretty, but the 1280x800 and 1440x900 resolution of the non-Retina MacBook Pros will still have you watching TV shows in astounding clarity and editing photos worthy of their place on the wall of your home's art gallery." So sad to still read this AD 2012, despite Intel's stern warning   Photos today have 12-36Mpix, some well beyond 50Mpix. Also a NY Times unfold has ca. 30-50Mpix equivalent. For decades the screen technology has been blocked by un-educated markets (or the reviewers feeding it?), lack of GPU power and developers for 'retina' like resolutions. Your paperback and printed stuff had since 200 yrs ca. 400-800dpi, while our screens before IBM's Bertha (T221 10 yrs ago) and Apple's retina 1 yrs ago barely had 80-100dpi. Even the new 5.2Mpix  MB Pro barely reaches 220dpi (1/3 of printed paper's).   And you still tell us about how great our 12-36Mpix photos look on 1280x720 screens (legit figure, BTW) at 1 Mpix - like we used 25 yrs ago? I hope that you'll eventually find some time to study the matter and fulfil your mission properly - to educate your readership w/ facts, not feelings. Mitch
Fill2809224 Fill2809224 5 years
For what it is worth, Apple does offer an external optical drive for DVD viewing and such.  But, agreed, overall you are paying for bleeding edge display technology and some other under the hood performance enhancements, as well as increased portability (thinner, lighter, longer battery life).  Gamers, photo and video professionals would certainly find the laptop attractive.
Shammi2808540 Shammi2808540 5 years
The last 2 are good valid reasons. The first two seem more like "if you would rather prefer to to cling to the comfort of your past". Retina display is not just about the video or photo resolution. IMO it has a bigger impact on reading text. It's the first mass production display that does not require Serif fonts to ease reading on a computer display. It's just like going from SD to HD. You don't realize it until you've made the switch and more importantly cannot switch back. Optical drives are on the way out. Almost all software sold today is available online, more so on the Mac especially with the app store. Almost everyone shares files via USB sticks. The only use of DVD has been for movies. Even that is rapidly being replaced by streamed video. That said, I agree that the retina Mac book pro is pricey, just as the first Mac book air was. I'm hoping that it will become a lot more affordable in a rear or so.
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