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Pros and Cons of Spotify

Pros and Cons of Spotify

The latest addition to the online music, Spotify, launched in the US last week and it's had the Internet buzzing. We've been using the service once the invites came through and are, admittedly, hooked on the sleek desktop application.

The cloud-based music streaming service offers free limited access to users on the desktop app. While, $5 per month gains desktop users full access to the Spotify music library, and $10 allows unlimited access, syncing with mobile devices, and off-line listening. We've compiled what we love and don't really dig about the service – do you agree?

  • Hear what you want to hear, when you want to hear it. Want to play Blondie at your '80s dance party? Search "Heart of Glass" and listen to the song in full. Sure there are some artists that Spotify doesn't have rights to, but with over 15 million tracks available, the amount of accessible songs is impressive.
  • Collaborative playlists make the music world go round. Users can allow friends to add to a playlist by right clicking on the playlist's name in the left menu sidebar and selecting the collaborative playlist option.
  • We've all seen the dreaded "Buffering . . ." label on streaming media service, but we've yet to run into this problem with Spotify's speedy service.

Click through for a few qualms about Spotify.

  • Our main cons are within searching for friends. The Facebook integration is great, but we'd also like to add people via Gmail, for those rare folks not on Facebook. Searching for other users can also be tricky if you don't know their Spotify username. Even if the full first and last name are linked to the Spotify account, you must search via spotify:user:username, in that sequence.
  • We'd like to see the option to purchase individual songs or full albums in Spotify's free version. This may be part of some complicated copyright agreements, but it would be nice to pick and choose songs to permanently own.

Unless a paid subscriber bequeaths an invite, the options for securing a Spotify invite are adding your email address straight to the Spotify wait list or a bit of a shortcut may be available via Coca-Cola's partnership.

Join The Conversation
poizenisxkandee poizenisxkandee 6 years
you can also get spotify via klout (social media influence tracker) and if you get X amount of people to sign up via your invite link, you get a month or two of the paid service free.
Kelly-Schwarze Kelly-Schwarze 6 years
Thanks for sharing your experience, thecolor! Because of US copyright laws and Spotify's own agreements with record labels, the accessible songs vary between the US and UK. Any particular track you weren't able to listen to on your US account?
thecolor thecolor 6 years
Like Netflix for music!
thecolor thecolor 6 years
Here's my immediate impression (as an original beta invite UK Spotify member) US cit with both a free and a paid subscription... So far, I LOVE the paid service and would totally recommend it. While I'm not paying for it in the US (so it probably costs me a smidge more going through the UK) it's totally worth it to have the unlimited music without commercials, limits and the ability to use it on my mobile(s) and download/cache on any device for bad/no coverage playback. FYI you cannot be logged in more than once on the paid service (makes sense). The free service I have from my UK account has commercials every other song or three... not bad, not totally annoying and so far I've really not gone over my 10 hours a month, 'cause I typically use my paid service on my mobile, in my car, on my bike at the gym, etc. (out and about). The new US service is similar, so far no ads or time limits, but I'm sure (as per what I've read that will hit soon). However, this is in no way a deal breaker for the amount, convenience and abundance of music available! One issue I have run into and I'm not totally sure what's going on, is that some music (tracks or albums) I can get on my UK account, I can't seem to get on my US account. So, I'm wondering if the licensing is so different that the US is not getting everything the rest of the world is. Call me wrong if that's the case as it's only been a few instances, but it makes me wonder. On the note of buying an album (as a free member) or even a paid member for that matter, as long as I've had spotify, I've never really wanted to buy an album. As long as I keep paying for the service, I've got access to whatever whenever, so it's really been nice not to have to deal with the bulk (digital or otherwise); everyone's different of course. All in all, if you're comfortable with paying for a subscription music service (or not/commercials and time limit), spotify is an AWESOME choice for nearly any music, anytime, anywhere! I highly recommend it!
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