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Pros and Cons of the iPad Mini 2012

4 Reasons to Pass on the iPad Mini

With 100 million units of iPads sold to date, Apple's tablet offerings are dominating the mobile market. But don't tout the new iPad mini as an Android killer just yet. Here are four drawbacks to consider before preordering Apple's paperback-sized tablet.

  • It's out of your price range — At $329, the WiFi-only 16GB iPad mini is almost $100 more than the next most expensive competitor, the Nexus 7 at $248. The iPad mini is the only tablet in its class with a rear-facing camera, but if you'll be using your device primarily for reading and watching, then there are certainly cheaper options on the market.
  • You already own an iPhone and an iPad — How many screens is too much? It might just be three. Between the iPad and iPhone, there isn't anything new the iPad mini can do for you.
  • The truth is, it's not that mini — Sure, Apple touts the ability to hold the iPad mini in one hand, but it takes a pretty big hand to do so comfortably. It's thin and it weighs about as much as a piece of paper, but the 5.3-inch width isn't as conducive to holding as one would think.
  • There are better screens — The 1024 x 768 display is the lowest resolution as compared to other tablets. It has the same resolution as the iPad 2, but with a slightly higher pixel density of 163 pixels per inch (ppi). However, the Nook HD boasts 243 ppi on a 1440 x 900 display, and at a much cheaper price of $229 for a 16 GB WiFi-only model, too.
  • Undecided on the iPad mini? Check out our reasons why you should pick up Apple's new tablet.

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Skye3410201 Skye3410201 4 years
@brotherj  right, apple's whole plan was to get rich off a new connector. my bad.
brotherj brotherj 4 years
@Skye3410201 USB 2.0 is 12 years old & USB 3.0 didn't render it obsolete. Apple will make billions off the new proprietary connector alone thanks to trolls like you who think they did "for" you and not "to" you..
Skye3410201 Skye3410201 4 years
"It's thin and it weighs about as much as a piece of paper"   real quality work here.
Skye3410201 Skye3410201 4 years
@brotherj lol that connector is 9 years old and it shows. get over it.
brotherj brotherj 4 years
You left out 1 thing: Lightening If you have a family and already own several previous generation devices like mine (2 iPads, 2 iPod Touch, 1 iPod classic, & 1 iPhone 4), you probably have bundles of (now old) 30-pin cables and docks spread around the house. I never have to search for a cable to charge any of my devices because 1 is always within reach. I keep 1 at work, 1 in my car, 1 is always is my carry-on ready to travel when I do. And when all else fails, a friend or co-worker will always have one. A new device with a new cable means I gotta buy more to maintain the convenience or I have to guard the 1 new cable with my life.
Riley3403006 Riley3403006 4 years
Another tablet maker has emerged with the recent launch of performance-priced Android tablets with some features that are pretty impressive -- one is called the Novo 7 Flame - priced at $189 - it's a 7 Inch tablet that gives the $249 Nexus 7 & the new $330 Mini iPad some competition -- the Novo 7 Flame has 16GB, Android 4.1 and Google Play(400k+ Apps), a high resolution 1280x800 screen, Micro-SD for easy portable storage, HDMI to view movies and media downloads on a TV, Two Cameras - a 5 MegaPixel camera with AF & Flash, and a 2 MegaPixel Webcam; plus great connection - Bluetooth, Ethernet, WiFi and an option for 3G... The tablet is made by Ainol Electronics - they received "Best Tablet of the Year" - runner-up status at CNET/Consumer Electronics Show 2012 -- and the company also has two new 10-inch tablets coming out  with high resolution screens -- one is a Dual Core processor with a 1280x800 IPS display for $220; and a powerful Quad Core with a stunning 1920x1200 Liquid Crystal display (like Apple's Retina screen) for around $260 -- all offer a pretty nice specs/price ratio and are available at a site called TabletSprint-- which also has a few well-priced Android tablets with 3G Built-in as well.
Ed3209993 Ed3209993 5 years
You already own an iPhone and an iPad? Hold the iPad about three inches away from your face, you'll have the Mini in your hands.
Steavia Steavia 5 years
You forgot the reason millions of us have which is that we already own a 7 inch tablet that we are thrilled with and we never got locked into the Apple ecosystem but instead enjoy the freedom of alternative sources of content.
Scott3400578 Scott3400578 5 years
Im not saying buy this ipad mini, but the other guys has some catch up to do to even meet the ecosystem or the UI experience that apple already has.
Scott3400578 Scott3400578 5 years
man have you ever used the nook HD or color? It's horrible.  The experience is nothing compared to apple, or even android.  Yeah It may look pretty, but if the experience isnt there, Its not worth the money.
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