You may have noticed the ads for the new Flip Video camera across the The Sugar Network recently. I wanted to take this opportunity to remind you just how fabulous this camera is.

It's gotten a lot of press for being sleek, easy to use and fitting right into your purse or diaper bag, but I fell in love with it because it's just plain simple to use. On top of the usual "power," "play," "delete," and "record" buttons, it features a built-in Flip Video Software Program that launches directly from the camcorder (see the flip out USB arm? It plugs right into your computer). This means you can easily upload videos onto your computer or YouTube without the hassle of buying additional software. For $119, it's a real steal.

You can get your own Pure Digital Flip Video Camera online and in stores at Amazon, Best Buy, Target, Costco and Red Envelope. Learn more here.