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QWERTY Hairband: Totally Geeky or Geek Chic?

Most geeks won't leave the house without their QWERTY cell phones, but what about QWERTY hairbands? The QWERTY hairband, $14, is designed by Taru Norberg and made from used computer, cashier or type-writer keypad buttons. They are all unique to the keys and colors vary.

Join The Conversation
MsTerious82 MsTerious82 9 years
They're unique, but I don't think I'd every actually wear them. Maybe they could be pulled off with a really casual outfit... like pajamas.
rubyji rubyji 9 years
I would totally wear those if my hair was long enough.
geohiker geohiker 9 years
ha! These are cute!
Lovely_1 Lovely_1 9 years
Hehehe I think they are pretty cute :P
ninjastarlett ninjastarlett 9 years
Hair ties with things like that attached are really impractical, actually... so it's a no from me too.
artfashionmusic7 artfashionmusic7 9 years
oh man..tats ugly. :P
Jane26 Jane26 9 years
uh it looks like something from the nineties, but slightly updated...
longhorn_sugar longhorn_sugar 9 years
the coolness factor would be lost in the mess of my hair
NadiaPotter NadiaPotter 9 years
not that "hey it looks fabulous" put, well I don't see the wrong thing, people wear way to ugly thing in public, these are not that bad. With a geek outfit it would fit, a nice t shirt of one color and a pony tail... it won't look that bad. Dads geeks would definitely put these on their daughters! but yeah... 14 dlls!... to they polish and leave a free static hair too?
Nitrobezene Nitrobezene 9 years
yeah... not my thing
red4bonez red4bonez 9 years
heh um yeah not so much for me lol
macgirl macgirl 9 years
I don't think I could pull off that kind of hair tie no matter what was on the ends.
SabreBabeSarah SabreBabeSarah 9 years
if you could get them monogrammed they would be pretty cool.
sahayra sahayra 9 years
No thanks
Leopardcc Leopardcc 9 years
I would have to pass on these
snowgirl96 snowgirl96 9 years
when i first looked at these, i hated them, but they realy grew on me. i couldn't imagine what i would wear them with, though.
KadBunny KadBunny 9 years
Would be very cool to have :D Dunno if I'd actually wear them though
guineapiggin9 guineapiggin9 9 years
I like them. However, I think I could probably make my own for less than $14 a piece...I'll have to try it!
angelinemarie angelinemarie 9 years
i would laugh in their face if i seen someone wearing this.
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