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Is Rachel McAdams Living Two Tech Lives?

Not that I'm a tech detective or anything (OK, maybe I am), but I am kinda blown away by the fact that Rachel McAdams didn't know what Twitter was until very recently. The actress also told People that she doesn't own a TV and is really bad at email.

What? Exqueese-me? The last time I checked, Rachel McAdams was right up there with tech savvy celebs like Ashton Kutcher and John Mayer. She's not only been spotted on several occasions with her laptop (and stylin' laptop sleeve), but she was also photographed at the Apple Store in Toronto getting some iPod assistance at the Genius Bar (yes, laptop in tow).

Hmm. . . I'm wondering if Rachel likes the gadgets but is impervious to online services like Twitter, Email, Facebook, etc.? Maybe Cameron Diaz falls into this category as well?!


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blossommac blossommac 8 years
i believe her she doesnt have a tv... she is working mostly teh time, so probably she spend her time in hotels.. and also you can watch your tv shows on the computer or buy it in itunes... not every one is crazy for twitter either.. my bf is a very tech guy but he isn't really into about social just not his thing.. so i totally see her dont care about twitter or have a tv... she has a computer so she isnt disconect of the world
komler komler 8 years
Plenty of things to do on a laptop without emailing, or twittering.
SATClover SATClover 8 years
Honestly I didn't know or fully understand what Twitter was until a few weeks ago and I still don't really get seems pointless but I guess that's just me. I use facebook but on there you send messages back and forth and it doesn't seem like you do that on twitter..?
CillaB8 CillaB8 8 years
I don't think this is that uncommon either. My friend, who is very computer / Internet proficient, asked me what Twitter was today. I can believe she doesn't own a TV too, and not owning one does not mean you don't ever watch television. I don't watch TV often either. Though with a new green website, perhaps she should look into Twitter for marketing purposes.
hshs1 hshs1 8 years
Since when does not using Twitter make you not tech savy? It just means she's not into the social networking cult craze. And this is hilarious, since when did owning a laptop (and going into a computer store) make you a techie???!? Computers are as common in our lives as telephones, I would be more surprised if she said she didn't own a computer!! Being "bad" with email, at least in my experience, means the person doesn't email often or frequently, they may just prefer other communicative methods. Also, googling yourself, browsing the internet, reading blogs, does not equate tech savy! wow, I didn't realize that these skills meant one was a genius, I thought they were a given to this generation. I see her statement for what it is : a woman who knows the basics, but def doesn't care or have to need to keep up with "newer" stuff coming out. period.
lilprisci lilprisci 8 years
ugh I hate celebrities that pretend not to know how to use any technology... just admit it, you google yourself 5 times a day.
PensaGrey PensaGrey 8 years
Maybe she's doing something magical like....reading. Or some freaky witchcraft like...writing. OMG! Seriously, I'm on the PC often and I don't have and won't sacrifice the time to be a "Twit".
laurelm laurelm 8 years
Most of my friends are on a computer all day for work etc and have never heard of Twitter and other services. I do marketing and promos so I have to be up to speed on social networking but outside of facebook and myspace - I would say the people I know who use it for day to day are not aware of the other services.
Modus-Vivendi Modus-Vivendi 8 years
One, I don't see what having a TV has to do with being tech savvy. If anything, not having a tv probably means you get more news and info online. Two, if she has to get someone to help her use her iPod, she's probably not that good with it.
syako syako 8 years
I think it's not a stretch at all. I have a laptop, use the Internet frequently but don't really keep up to date with all the new social networking fads. Although the "email" comment is a little sketchy, perhaps she just doesn't like it as a way to communicate and always forgets to reply therefore she's "bad at it." Have you ever seen her with a BB?
non non 8 years
Well she doesn't own a car either, so its quite possible that she doesn't own a TV as well?? Whats so unbelievable about that???
teremel teremel 8 years
pinkmystic pinkmystic 8 years
A movie star who doesn't own a tv?!!? What?! Huh?!
Tech Tech 8 years
Ha! Totally true skigurl!
skigurl skigurl 8 years
sounds similar to when celebs say "i never work out. i love junk food!" and they're like 98lb and ripped with muscle i love her, but this comment makes it sound like she's just looking for attention
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