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Rate Your Employer With Glassdoor

Managers Beware: Rate Your Boss With Glassdoor

Are you unhappy with your job and about to launch a full scale attack on your local classified section? Then maybe you should check out Glassdoor first, before sending that resume.

What is this Glassdoor I speak of? Well, the info junkies that brought us Expedia and Zillow have announced their new venture, dubbing it the TripAdvisor for companies. But instead of ranting about your dingy hotel room and airline customer service, you can rate your company, your boss, CEO, and post your salary info anonymously. . . giving us all an honest insight to what is actually lurking behind those cheerful interviewers who tell you what a great working environment X Company provides. You knew something was off when she didn't blink for two whole minutes!

To find out how to start using it, just


Just start rating your past or present companies from one to five in areas like benefits, competence of managers and other important stuff that you might want to know before you start, and create a free account to access other profiles. It's totally user friendly and offers an insiders look on if it's really worth it to click "send" to accept that interview!

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