Sometimes it's hard to tell the real gadgets from the fakers, or even the ones still in the concept phase. I've put you to the test before, so see if you can go the distance with this "Real or Fake" super quiz. Can you handle it?

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This pen is perfect for taking notes — it records voices as you write. To play back any part of the recording, just tap the pen on the part of the paper that you were writing on. The pen will play back the sounds it recorded at the time you were writing.

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Configure the SnuzNLuz Alarm to donate $10 from your bank account to a charity supporting something you don't support every time you hit the snooze button. Like the name suggests — you snooze, you lose. This would get me out of bed instantly . . . but is it real?

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The Maptor is a combination map, GPS, and projector that fits into the palm of your hand. Turn it on to project a map of your current location, including a red arrow designating exactly where you are.

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The hottest gadgets on the block lately have been eReaders — from Kindles to Nooks. This eReader certainly stands out from the rest — it's braille!

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Need to check your breath before a date? Breathe into the Kiss-o-Meter, a bad breath detector with heart-shaped indicators to let you know if your breath is date-ready!

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Truth Tester is an iPhone app that lets you record someone's answer to a question into your iPhone's microphone, and it will then tell you if they are telling a lie.

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The Thiphone attaches to your iPhone and helps keep it within reach and secure by strapping it to your leg when you're driving, flying, or riding public transportation

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This Polaroid-style camera lets you film movies, then print them on a flexible display paper using Touch grapheme technology, which captures sound and movement on Polaroid-like paper for instant gratification.

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This watch claims to be able to connect with your BlackBerry via Bluetooth and alert you when you get an incoming phone call, email, or SMS.

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This gadget is said to hold a few spare rechargeable batteries to juice up your computer, MP3 player, or phone when you need it most.