I have to admit that I'm not an avid radio listener like I used to be. Since I don't have a car, it really cuts down on the opportunity, plus it's just not necessary to sit through commercials and the same songs every hour when I can pick and choose tracks I want, and upload a playlist to my iPod.

So when I heard news that the recording industry is claiming that AM-FM radio broadcasts are a form of piracy, and they should pay a tax for each spin of an artist's track, I wasn't surprised. With floundering CD sales, I imagine they'd panic and try to get revenue any way they can. Sure, the radio offers a free listen, but seriously, where would popular artists be without the mass exposure of the radio?

I think the recording industry might be biting themselves in the foot here, but it did make me wonder — do you still listen to the radio, or do you get the majority of your tunes from your iPod/MP3 player and Internet Radio these days?