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Register to Vote using Your Xbox

Geek Tip: Use Your Xbox and Register to Vote

If you haven't registered to vote because of one lame excuse or another ("I don't know how," "I don't have time," or my fave "It's too complicated") then I have fabulous news for you — you can now take the simple route and register to vote using your Xbox! With all the time you spend playing games, the least you can do is make your voice heard in between Gears of War sessions and Mountain Dew runs.

Partnering up with Rock the Vote, Xbox Live's voter registration is free to access with a Xbox Live membership. And although you can't actually vote from Xbox Live, they make it pretty darn easy to take the first steps in doing your civic duty. Plus, if you've already decided on who you'll be casting your vote for come November, you can participate in online polls, and download gamerpics of your candidate to show your support. How patriotic of you!


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kcwebgirl kcwebgirl 8 years
the ultimate in lazy indulgence but awesome nonetheless.
NurseDeAnna NurseDeAnna 8 years
People are too lazy to get to the post office nowadays? Maybe these sloths won't be able to make their way to the polls in November...
the-wingheart the-wingheart 8 years
I can already assume the results as predominantly Democratic. Woot.
the-wingheart the-wingheart 8 years
OMG! 'fro real?! This is nice because those geeks who are on Xbox live everyday probably wouldn't have voted if it wasn't for this.
Blackthorne Blackthorne 8 years
This is straight up awesome-sauce. If you haven't registered to vote (and are eligible) and don't have an xbox, hie thee to the post office or library, or google your state and voter registration. In Texas you can fill out an online form for them to mail you an application or you can fill one out online, print and mail it. Way to go, Xbox!
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