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Resident Evil 5 Review on geeksugar

Resident Evil 5 Review: Bottom Line? It's Really Fun

After partying it up at the SF Resident Evil 5 launch event, I was more than excited to really dig my teeth into the game over the weekend. Although it comes onto the scene after the massive popularity of Resident Evil 4, RE5 really takes over where the original left off — with Chris Redfield large, in charge, and out to track down the source of the Umbrella Corps bioweapons, which have been used to turn an entire African country of Kijuju into "Majini" or evil spirits if you speak Swahili.

If you aren't good at third person shooters, or just don't play horror titles in general, I encourage you to pick up this game and give it a try anyway. Not only is it really fun, but it sucks you right in. And even if you aren't familiar with the RE franchise, it's totally OK — you can pick up the plot right away, plus, you get a history lesson throughout the game via facts that are splashed across your screen while scenes are loading.






Obviously, not all is well in this fictional African country, so to find out what I love (and kinda hate) about this game, just


Forget all the criticisms you've heard about the plot not being good enough, or not being up to par with other recent games like Metal Gear Solid 4. The bottom line is, this game is really fun. I turn this game off at the end of the day being totally satisfied. Mostly because I love my shotgun (it does some pretty good damage), but also because the graphics are great, the controls are easy to pick up, and the sounds of far-off evil spirits really get me in the mood to take them down and save the country. Woah. I'm turning into G.I. Jane or something over here.

Another great feature in RE5 is the co-op play. For the first time, you and a friend can battle the Majini together. Better yet, if your partner gets tired of blowing through humans possessed by evil spirits, they can leave then come back any time they want. That's right folks, you don't have to go at it alone — a friend can jump in whenever she feels like it. Which is a really good thing since one of the more irritating points in the game is your AI partner, Sheva Alomar. Be warned — this chick has some issues. She's supposed to be there to have your back, but sometimes when you're in the middle of a serious battle, she may disappear to look for ammo, herbs, or hey, even some gold coins. There was one time when she was supposed to "cover me" in a dark tunnel since I picked up a lantern to light the way, but when it came time to give said cover, she was no where to be found. I swear, if you want something done right . . .

Overall, Resident Evil 5 is worth the pricey $60 sticker. Although you might find some frustrations, mostly with your AI partner, the fact that you can't organize or switch your weapons in a paused menu environment (which proves tricky when you run out of bullets in your shotgun and need to switch to your magnum with a bunch of possessed tribal guys coming after you), and the restricted movements while shooting (you can't even shoot and run at the same time), I think you'll be able to overlook all that and enjoy the ride.

Resident Evil 5 is out now for $60 on your Xbox 360 and PS3 systems.

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catstarr catstarr 8 years
I'm LOVING re5. It's not as great as RE4 but I love playing in co-op because I can loot and explore and my partner protects me. :)
laura_j laura_j 8 years
Oh and seriously! I just beefed up my machine gun! And i bought the jailbreaker shotgun and upped the capacity as much as I could so it RIPS! The tunnel scene is awful, especially in co-op, even on my 40 something inch TV it is still a pain in the A. Sheva is sometimes challenged. In the chainsaw guy level she was running around picking up gold when she was on Empty.. and later on ..well, i wont ruin it. But lets just say no gold was left behind!
laura_j laura_j 8 years
Really??? I love it!! I'm one 'boss' away from beating the game, mind you, on amateur. I downloaded the demo at first since I watched my boyfriend play it, and said, hey, that looks fun! To which he replied "you? you could never play this." so i went home, downloaded the demo, and bought the game. I'm not a video gamer so this whole run and gun thing isnt too much of a big deal since I have a hard enough time aiming as it is. But i've done pretty good!!! I love it! For PS3 that is!
Lily-Inferno Lily-Inferno 8 years
The lack of run and gun bugs me too and so does the co-op. I really think the game would have been better without. If you play the game without a friend to co-op, it just goes to crap. If you play with a friend, it still leaves something missing. Granted it is fun..I mean..when is zombie killing not fun? I just dont think this game is something I would actually want to buy..maybe just rent.
Baby-Girl Baby-Girl 8 years
The controls ruined it for me. You can't "run and gun".
shiningeyes shiningeyes 8 years
I don't know. I played the demo a while back and found the controls to be cumbersome.
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