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Extraordinarily Retro iPhone 4 Skins From WilliamAndCindy

Jul 24 2011 - 6:21am

There are those iPhone 4 owners that like to take risks by not outfitting their devices with a case. iPhone 4s are known to be on the slippery side, which makes them easily dropable, but packing on protection does add bulk to the otherwise sleek and slim smartphone. For those folks who want to add personality without a case, might I recommend a skin?

These skins, found in Etsy shop WilliamAndCindy, are perfect for keeping the iPhone 4s form factor, while giving it a pop of color and a hint of retro flare. From boom boxes to vintage cameras, these skins will even ward off scratches and scrapes your phone might encounter while tumbling around in the depths of your bag. Check out a few of our favorites in the slideshow!

Ghetto Blaster ($10)

Rock the block with this old-school boom box [1].

Vintage Radio ($10)

Dial back in time with the vintage radio skin [2] that comes with a great blue hue.

Vintage Camera ($10)

Where my photography fans at? The vintage camera skin [3] is the retro camera you were looking for.

Cassette ($10)

Prefer to be the bearer of a mix tape? This cassette skin [4] should do the trick.

Polaroid ($10)

Speaking of retro cameras, who wouldn't dig this Polaroid skin [5]?

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