DustJacket Kindle Case From Speck: Gets the Job Done

When it comes to my Kindle case, I have a strong preference toward book-style cases, and most of you agreed with me. So when a box of cases from Speck arrived at Sugar HQ, I jumped at the chance to test out the DustJacket. My initial thoughts: it's a little bit bulky for the slim Kindle — I was expecting it to be more Moleskine thick, not novel thick — and it's a little heavier than I expected. But it's super padded, and the Kindle snaps easily into plastic holders that keep it in place. Plus, the sleep/wake button and charging port are easily accessible.

After carrying the DustJacket around for a few days, I'm pleasantly surprised! Turns out, it's not too heavy (as I initially feared), and provides enough protection for my Kindle that I'm not worried about bruises and scrapes from quickly tossing it into my bag. It also has a picture frame-like stand to prop your Kindle for easy reading. I have to admit, I haven't used this feature (except to display the Kindle's screen saver for my co-worker), but it works nicely, if a little lopsided. Overall, I'd definitely recommend the Speck DustJacket to protect your Kindle, and at $35 it's on par with many of Amazon's cases.

Nice looking...I like the stand it has and also that it doesn't appear to use the Amazon hinge system which is reported to cause cracks. However, I found that I personally just love reading the Kindle 'naked.' It is so slim, light and easy to hold that adding an attached cover is just to much for me.
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