Charming but old Victorian apartments have their drawbacks — besides having plaster walls that are hostile to mounting flat screen TVs, they also have very, very few outlets. And that is bad news for a geek.

With power strips and squids adorning my every available outlet, it's a pretty cord-crowded existence. It's partly messy because strips are in yes, a strip form, which is not the most efficient thing for lamps, chargers and other gadgets that take up different places in my apartment. The Revolve Power Strip, however, looks to be efficiency incarnate, wrapped up in a clean, pretty white package (you know how I love white gadgets).

The Revolve is one of those things you wonder why it took so long to make — outlets that spin! Of course! It doesn't look to be available for sale just yet, but I'll be on that waiting list with my credit card in one hand and a pile of cords in the other.