Have you ever opened an email or IM from a friend directing you to an "awesome" or "really funny" site, only to click on the link and find yourself rockin' out to a Rick Astley video on YouTube? You may begin thinking to yourself "This isn't really that funny or awesome," then you begin to wonder what happened to you. Wonder no more, my friend, you've just been "Rick Roll'd."

What is Rick Roll'd? Well, also known as "Rick Rolling" or "Rick N' Roll", Rick Rolling is an internet prank in which "roll-ers" disguise a link to a Rick Astley video on YouTube as another video or website (usually consisting of puppies, unconfirmed gaming news, fake presidential updates, or blogs with interesting or funny comments) to the the "roll-ee". But why Rick Astley? To find out why,


Some think it's an attempt at a comeback, but personally, I can't think of a better prank than getting his highly infectious song to repeat in someone's head all day. And apparently, it's catching on. Rick's YouTube vid has had almost seven million hits since it was posted last year. This is definitely something my girl Giggle would appreciate, since it seems she's such a big fan!