I didn't think geek weddings could get any more kitschy than video-game and Star Wars inspired bride and groom cakes. But no, they certainly can.

A robot called "Tiro" acted as master of ceremonies at a wedding in South Korea recently and word is, the bride didn't mind. The creators of the robot claimed it was the first time ever that a robot has been used as master of ceremonies for a wedding. I suppose knowing you can program exactly what your MC says means you don't have to worry about your last name being mispronounced.

How did the couple ever dream up the idea? The groom, Seok Gyeong-Jae, was one of the engineers who designed Tiro. After the marital duties were completed, a representative from Gyeong-Jae's company told the press "Tiro will be upgraded so that it can be used for various purposes." Tiro is valued at 200 million won ($215,053 US dollars) and spoke in a sweet female voice, according to reports.

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