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Room Tech Beingz Alarm Clock: Yells at You to Wake Up

Interactive alarm clocks are becoming more popular because — people need them!! Sometimes that loud, unnerving, alarm beep just doesn't cut it, so you need a gadget like the Clocky clock to force you to get out of bed to turn it off! Well, another animated clock called the Room Tech Beingz ($50) has just hit the market, and it seriously seems like the Tamagotchi of alarm clocks! The Room Tech Beingz can shout at you, or play sounds or music to wake you up in the morning. Not only that, but it can interact with other Tech Beingz, dance to your music, and praise you for waking up!

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Glittersniffer Glittersniffer 8 years
I don't know...I like the idea, but I'd feel REALLY guilty about whacking about at it at 6 in the morning to get it to shut up! Also, how's the snooze functionality? Because that's a GOTTA for me. I set my alarm early just so I can lay in bed and relax for a few minutes, so I'd hate to have it continue yelling at me rather than give me my ten minute zen break.
CoralAmber CoralAmber 8 years
I saw this at Target for $40. The lamp it interacts with is so cute, but I couldn't spend $80 for both.
kathili kathili 8 years
LOL, this is a perfect gift for my eversleepy roommate!
calamari calamari 8 years
I love this. It has a wonderful little personality. I have to wake up painfully early, so I set my alarm on the other side of the room to force myself to get up. So having a little alarm that yells at me seems to be the next logical step :)
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