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Living with roommates can be a fun time or an annoying time, but either way, when the end of the month comes around it's time for business. Every household seems to have a different way of splitting bills and rent, and that includes ways that are high tech. I once had some friends who had their own house wiki so they could check out and edit house news from anywhere. They would post goings-on around the house, like if the repair man was coming or when someone would be out of town, as well as when bills were due. To me it seemed like a little too much, but I always thought it was a good idea. My days of doing the shared-house thing were more old-school; we would either post receipts, notes, or bills on the fridge, or the leaseholder would be in charge of sending out a spreadsheet with everyone's bill portion listed under their own column. If you have roommates, how do you divide the bills each month?

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alf9280 alf9280 6 years
I agree with CEM2!!! I've been using Billmonk since 2004 for figuring out what I owe and who owes me. It takes the guess work of how to split them evenly. You can even set things to "repeat" each month if you have a bill that recurs (e.g. internet, cable, trash) The other great thing about it is that it provides evidence for what people have paid you back for and what they've been delinquent with.
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