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Is It Rude to Ask Someone to Remove You From Their Contacts?

This question comes from reader tlmort13 in the Ask a Geek Girl group:

I recently finished an Italian class where the instructor would email us homework each week, and so the entire class now has my e-mail address. One guy in the class keeps sending forwards and PowerPoint slideshows. I really don't need or want these cluttering up my inbox, and as far as I can tell there is no way to simply block his email. Is it rude if I ask him to stop sending me these emails or to remove me from his contact list so I no longer have to receive them?

To view a few of your suggestions and to see what I think,


  • "Not at all. If there's no way to simply block his emails, it wouldn't be out of line to send him a quick note saying that you're no longer in the class, so you no longer need to receive these materials. Then just wish him luck with his further studies. You might also consider getting a separate email address for school or other situations where your info might be made public." — MsTerious82
  • "I had a similar problem and YES do contact him and ask him to remove you from his mailing list. I swear if I got another email asking me to go to one of his 'get rich quick' meetings or Amway I was going to lose it. Since then I created a Yahoo account that I only use for classes and for weird promos which demand a email address." — cheekyredhead
  • "Yikes, good thinking to get an email just for these situations. Maybe you could set it up to flag his email to your spam folder or trash." — desertbanshee

I agree with you on all points: it's not rude to ask, especially in this situation. Just send a short, professional email asking that he remove you from his contact list, no more explanation needed. And yes, it may be best to use a different email address to subscribe to class and other lists.

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