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Salma Hayek Wears a "What the Frak?!" Shirt on 30 Rock

Salma Sports a "What The Frak?!" Shirt on 30 Rock

Actress email account get hacked into (sorry, nothing scandalous to report), but she also appeared on 30 Rock wearing a Battlestar Galactica- inspired "What The Frak?!" shirt. And she didn't just wear the shirt, her character Elisa even makes a reference to it!

To check out the clip from the show and to find out where you can get your own "What The Frak?" tee, just


Although it's not the exact shirt Salma was wearing, you can get a "WTF?!" tee from Think Geek for $18.

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jesslv74 jesslv74 7 years
This is pretty much a dead topic now but if anyone is still looking for this shirt, I found it on the actual Universal site and it looks like it is the exact shirt worn by Salma Hayek. I just happened upon it while I was looking for something else. It is the same color, has "What The Frak" on the front of course, and the Battlestar Galactica seal on the back. It runs for $25 and has both regular and junior sizes. Here's the link:
jesslv74 jesslv74 7 years
You all are awesome! They are all great...nice to have some different choices! :)
lkeatingj lkeatingj 7 years
I found one that look pretty much the same. Just bought it for my wife! It's frakin' awesome. Can't wait to give it to her! It doesn't have the seal at the back (copyright issue I'm sure!) but way cooler than the WTF ones you find in the official store.
jesslv74 jesslv74 7 years
Thanks for letting me know! :)
francoise52 francoise52 7 years
I got a Small. I normally wear a size 8 shirt and S or M T's. This Small fits me well. The site's sizing info on this shirt was correct. I have washed and dried and it did not shrink.
jesslv74 jesslv74 7 years
Awesome! Thanks for letting us know. Just one last does it run size-wise? I'm a very petite person and was wondering if it shrinks and how big it runs. Thanks!
francoise52 francoise52 7 years
Hello all...I received the brown long sleeve t from Cafe Press. As Timmah has said, the front is exactly as pictured on Salma... "What the Frak ?!" I am very happy with it.
francoise52 francoise52 8 years
I'll let you all know. I ordered the brown long sleeve and it should arrive this week. If it is not FRAK as will be returned.
jesslv74 jesslv74 8 years
Nor is the writing pink on the brown shirt.
jesslv74 jesslv74 8 years
Ah, you're right. However, I don't think the shirt has the BSG seal on the back like Salma's did.
amloveaffair amloveaffair 8 years
oh I didn't even see your comment lol sorry It was meant towards the shirts too
jesslv74 jesslv74 8 years
Yes, that's what I said. The link posted by Timmah went to a site that had shirts spelled "Frack," which is wrong.
amloveaffair amloveaffair 8 years
Actually, it's 'f-r-a-k'
jesslv74 jesslv74 8 years
Yes, PLEASE DO post if anyone finds one EXACTLY like it!!!
francoise52 francoise52 8 years
Thanks Timmah. I did a search on CafePress yesterday but these did not show up. I just ordered a brown..."as seen on".
Sunglasses Sunglasses 8 years
That shirt is really cool! i hope i could get one
francoise52 francoise52 8 years
I must have a shirt exactly like Salma wore. The others are not nearly as cute. If anyone can find, please comment. I have searched high and low with no luck as yet. Thanks.
jesslv74 jesslv74 8 years
GAH! I wish it was the EXACT same shirt! I hope they make one!
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