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Scary Video Games For Halloween

Geek Out: What's the Scariest Video Game You've Ever Played?

I can think of a number of video games that made me cringe, but I have to say that in recent memory, playing Silent Hill 2 in the dark on my PSP was a pretty frightening experience. Not only did the game give you the heebie jeebies with its story, but the sound effects and background noises add a major layer of creepiness.

In the spirit of Halloween, tell me — what's the scariest video game you've ever played?

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king2x king2x 6 years
Clocktower 2 for psx
shiningeyes shiningeyes 6 years
weffie - Not speaking for @hautepinkKT, but for myself, I think Bioshock was at times a *little* scary because there's what a lot of the "boo!" sort of jump-outs, everything was dark and blood was scrawled over the walls, the voiceovers were ominous and the storyline was progressively getting darker and more sinister. The Big Daddies were a little scary, the Little Sisters were just creepy. On the whole, not super scary... but at moments it could be.
weffie weffie 6 years
Silent Hill for sure... @HautepinkKT what scared you in Bioshock, the little sisters?
bellesunny bellesunny 6 years
Resident Evil!
calamari calamari 6 years
Siren for PS2
Vampyre Vampyre 6 years
F.E.A.R. That Alma is one scary kid.
karyney karyney 6 years
"Dementium: The Ward" for DS. I got it for Christmas, and I think I played it about twice, I was so scared of it. Messed up thing is that I asked for it for Christmas!
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